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About Us

Welcome to the website of the company RADAS COLLECTION STIL, s.r.o. Střítež in Czech Cieszyn, Czech Republic. We are a company with a long tradition, which is engaged in the manufacture of leather articles. We offer products of the highest quality, not only of genuine leather, but also from a recyclable synthetic material, for example, to vegan restaurants.

The contract will be happy to produce for restaurants and hotels dining (food menu) and drink menus, kasírky (wallet) and pockets for waiters folder to the account holders 'Reserve', coasters, hotel maps and much more to your liking.

Any products that are found on our site are hand made and the greatest care to ensure your satisfaction, which is our company a top priority.



„Kdo pracuje s láskou, ten do veškeré práce vnáší poezii.“
                                                  Nikolaj Gavrilovič Černyševskij